Top 5 most Anticipated Album Releases for Fall

There is so much to look forward to this Fall, from the latest hip-hop release by United World Records to genres you didn't even know existed. 


Travis Travis

The Travis


Travis Travis' full length album will be released this November. Mixing hip-hop with lo-fi and ambient genres, this album is set to satisfy his original fanbase.


Can't wait to listen to

A single from the album conjures his grandmother's poetry, which he remembers from childhood trips traveling through Texas with her.


Ariana Ariana



Ariana's 6th album release is expected this October. Having leaked her last 2 albums, it's unclear what fans can expect from the artist and her next album release.

5 Rings

Can't wait to listen to

Already a single that has topped the charts from her latest album. More hits coming right up.


Teyana Teyana



Teyana's music is made to move you. Influences from legendary R&B singers of the 80s, her music sounds soothingly familiar but with a modern twist.  

Going West

Top 10 Dancers

She's been able to catch the attention of the right people in the music industry and this is her tribute.


Justin Barber



Always keeping things exciting, Barber opts for even more collaborations with established and rising artists on his forthcoming album.

Pink Sweater

That's Flow!

The song samples some of the greatest Jazz tracks of all time. Naturally, we see Barber collaborating on this track with the best and brightest hip hop newcomers.